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die Spieleeigenschaften
  • Jackpot – No
  • Bonus - Yes
  • Language – English
  • Maximum multiplier - 0,5
  • Auto play –Yes
  • Minimum bet – 0.10
  • Maximum bet – 50

Hexaline online lottery has some similarities to slots, but there are no reels and standard paylines. When you press "Play", all empty cells are filled with colored figures that form a series of several icons extending from the left edge to the right and bringing the award to the player. The main aspects of this game include:

  • When “winning” icons disappear, the new ones take their place, so you can get prizes several times.
  • The number of elements in the lucky line is not limited to five ( that is the number of columns in the game). Any winning line may get lots of "hexes" and increase the reward.
  • The lottery provides a bonus that is activated by three bonus symbols.
  • There is also a favorite for many players wild symbol that can stand for the "hex" of any color.

online slot Hexaline

Gameplay of Hexaline lottery

If you start playing Hexaline for free, then you receive 100 000 demo coins. The player can change the size of the bet in the "Stake" section - between 0.1 to 50. Placing the highest possible stake, you may win the next payouts for one hex.

  • - Wild - 75;
  • - Blue - 40;
  • - Red - 25;
  • - Yellow - 15;
  • - Green and purple five - 5;

play online Hexaline

In the bonus game you will need to choose one element from a highlighted line of yellow "hexes". Beneath you will find different icons. "Star" will automatically turn all figures over, and you get a reward. If you see "Left arrow" you go back and "Right Arrow" will provide an opportunity to move on to the next line if you find it on the fifth line, the winning amount is multiplied by 40. "Red cross" finishes the bonus for you now.

Hexaline lottery is a fascinating and unusual game that players will appreciate due to the unusual design, dynamic music and big payouts.