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  • Cards - 4
  • 15 different numbers
  • Wild symbol - No
  • Scatter symbol - No
  • Bonus game - No
  • Max. bet – 8
  • Free spins - No
  • Gamble - No
  • Bet per line – 0.10-2
  • Maximum payout – x50000

Welcome to the ancient civilization where you will have a fascinating and thrilling adventure. We came back to foretime, where we have never been earlier. What are the Mayan temples and what they can reveal? Perhaps, cash is hidden there, so check out it and play Mayan Bingo.

Any lottery is not a standard slot with reels, scatter symbols, wild symbols, bonus games and gambling feature. Why lotteries attract people? The fact is that it is an instant lottery: you get the result within several seconds.

You play with 4 cards, as if you spin 4 slot machines at the same time. In any case, the game has its own benefits and nuances which you should explore in advance. And now Maya reveals you Mayan Bingo secrets!

Temple with riches will be opened soon

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Each map contains 90 numbers chaotically located. After the start, the reel throws 30 balls with numbers ranging from 1 to 90. The numbers of your cards should coincide with the numbers of balls. Each match brings you prizes that are marked in red.

Winning numbers compose figures, which increase your winnings. View Pays presents how much you can win for each matching chain.

In this game, you may win several combinations per one card, but in this case only the highest chain is paid. If you do not want to spend much, you have a right to play on one card, but 4 or even 2 cards give you more chances of winning.

If you wish to try this lottery, you may play Mayan Bingo for free. After that, think over real bets and a real game as only this format may bring captivating thrills to your gambling leisure time.

Additional balls

After the base game, you may pick another ball to raise your odds. The maximum number of extra balls can be amount to 10 items. Each ball is taken for a special payment.


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You get the maximum payout when all 28 balls are matched with the pay table!

  • - Spin – you start to play;
  • - Cards – pick cards;
  • - Total stake – your total bet;
  • - BET – you change your stake;
  • - WIN – your total payout;
  • - Change cards – change numbers in cards;
  • - View payments – payout table.

The Bingo name came from a combination of words "Bean Go", where winning numbers were covered with beans, and after that numbers on cards were compared with numbers on balls. Bingo is very popular in Western countries. Earlier, only old people and women preferred to play this game, but today, men and young people are actively starting to play Bingo.