All players who play for real money and win from any spin in Super Heroes slot during the tournament period are qualified for the tournament with a total prize pool of 25 000 EUR!
The leaderboard is based on the highest coin win in any spin.
On top of the 20 000 EUR leaderboard prize pool, all players who finish in top 500 positions take part in a raffle with another 5 000 EUR in the prize pool.
When the tournament ends, the raffle will be open in the client during the first 72h.
All prizes to the players will be paid by the operator and deducted from the invoice from Yggdrasil.

Terms & Conditions
1. General
1.1 The tournament runs between 28th October 10:00CET and 3rd November 23:59 CET 2016.
1.2 Tournament is a network campaign, players from all the operators automatically take part when their players score a win on the game Super Heroes.
2. Participation
2.1 There is no additional cost to enter this tournament other than the price to spin the reels.
2.2 All players who win for the first time during the tournament will be provided with a unique player number.
2.3 The unique player number will be highlighted for the players on the leaderboard in the client to follow their position.
2.4 Player needs to score at least one winning spin while playing for real money to qualify.
2.5 The minimum bet size required to participate is 1 EUR (or currency equivalent).
2.6 Highest coin win in any spin determines player’s position on the leaderboard.
2.7 In Free Spins, coin value of the bet that triggered Free Spins is used for total coin win calculation.
2.8 Player’s position is refreshed every 60 seconds.
2.9 Bets made with bonus money do not qualify for the tournament.
2.10 Players can improve the score throughout the tournament.
3. The raffle
3.1 Players from positions 1-500 will have a chance to win one of 189 raffle prizes after the tournament is over.
3.2 Each qualified player will have 72 hours from the tournament finish, from November 4th 00:00 CET to November 6th 23:59 CET, to enter the RAFFLE section in the Tournament window of client in the game Super Heroes and pick one of the chests.
3.3 After 72 hours all unclaimed prizes will be randomly distributed among qualifying players who did not pick any chest.
3.4 Yggdrasil will contact the winning operator of the event within 48h after the tournament has finished.
4. Prizes
4.1 All leaderboard prizes will be paid out in cash by the operators within 48 working hours from the tournament finish.
4.1.1 Leaderboard prize pool (20 000 EUR total):
1. 5000 EUR
2. 2500 EUR
3. 1000 EUR
4-5. 500 EUR
6-10. 250 EUR1
1-25. 150 EUR
26-50. 100 EUR
51-100. 50 EUR
101-200. 20 EUR
4.2 All raffle prizes will be paid out in cash by the operators within 48 working hours from the time of opening a winning raffle chest.
4.2.1 Raffle prize pool (5 000 EUR total):
1x 1000 EUR
1x 500 EUR
2x 250 EUR
5x 100 EUR
10x 50 EUR
20x 25 EUR
150x 10 EUR