Main info

Taking part in 'The October Mission' campaign is very simple.
From the point of view of the operator, the registration has never been easier.
All the players, who have 'Golden Fish Tank', 'Vikings go Wild' and 'Holmes and the Stolen Stones' slots, are welcome to take part in the event.
All the players, who have completed all the tasks in the promotion period, are able to take part in the campaign with a total prize pool of 25 000 EUR!
The leaderboard is based on the least number of rounds to complete the mission.
The leaders will share 20 000 EUR, and the remaining 5,000 EUR will be divided between those players, who have entered the top-500.
When the tournament table is full, the clients program will start the prize pool within 72 hours.

Terms & Conditions


The promotion will start at 10:00 (CET) on October 7 and will end at 23:59 (CET) on October 13.
'The October mission' - online event, in which the players take part automatically after the fulfilling three important tasks in three games, which are involved in the tournament.
What games are involved, and what you need to do:
Golden Fish Tank: to win 4 rotations in a row.
Vikings go Wild: to get free spins.
Holmes and the Stolen Stones: to collect 5 shards of any color in the main game.
These conditions must be fulfilled to complete the task.
Tasks can be done in any order.
How to take part?
Participation in the tournament does not require any additional payments. Simply make a deposit to spin the reel and that's all.
Players, who have completed all the tasks, will get a unique game number.
This number will be displayed on the leaderboard in the client program,
it allows to monitor the player's position.
There is no minimum bet for the participation in the tournament, so all the players are welcome to complete the tasks.
The number of rotations, that the player has used to complete the task, determines its position on the leaderboard.
Those, who have done the job with the least amount of rounds, hit the first line of the leadertable and win the main prize.
If two or more players have completed the task with the same number of rounds, the highest position will be occupied by the player, who had completed it faster.
Updating of the positions happens every 60 seconds.
The bets, which was made from the bonus account, do not take part in the tournament.
Players can make deposits throughout the campaign.
When the players reach the mark when they can not improve the score, the tournament will be reloaded, saving the best results.
The mission can be restarted manually by the player after every 25 spins. The reset button can be found on the playing field.

Drawing of prizes:

Players, who will take the positions from 1 up to 500 can win one of 189 prizes of the lottery, after the filling of the leaderboard.
In the period from October 14, 00:00 (CET) until October 16, 23:59 (CET), every registered player can enter the 'Lottery' room in the mission window,
which includes the 'Golden Fish Tank', 'Vikings go Wild' or 'Holmes and the Stolen Stones' games and select one of the chests.
This procedure is available within 72 hours from the time, when the leaderboard has been formed.
After 72 hours, all the unclaimed chests will be randomly distributed among the registered participants, who have not selected any chest.
The 'Yggdrasil' company will contact the operators of the winning games within 48 hours after the completion of the tournament.

Prize fund:

The prize will be paid by the operators in money equivalent within 48 hours after the completion of the tournament.
The main prize pool (20 000 EUR):
Number - 1 will receive 5000 EUR
Number - 2 will receive 2500 EUR
Number - 3 will receive 1000 EUR
Positions - 4 and 5 will receive 500 EUR
Positions - from 6th to 10th will receive 250 EUR
Positions from 11th to 25th will receive 150EUR
Positions from 26th to 50th will receive 100 EUR
Positions from 51st to 100th will receive 50 EUR
Positions from 101st to 200th will receive 20 EUR

The prizes, which participants will be able to win in the lottery, will be paid in cash by the operators within 48 hours after the completion of the tournament.

Drawing of the prize pool(5 000 EUR general amount)
The number of chests with prizes and the amount of winnings:
1 x EUR 1000
1 x 500 EUR
2 x 250 EUR
5 x 100 EUR
10 x 50 EUR
20 x 25 EUR
150 x 10 EUR