CashBack - a partial refund provided for each player by Play Fortuna casino.

CashBack bonus is calculated every Friday, following the results of the past 7 days. The accrual is calculated in points, which gives the right to a player to instantly redeem them for real money or save up and get even more CASH.

Refund is calculated by the following formula: amount of deposits for the previous period minus amount of withdrawals, minus account balance at the time of cashback formation.
We also have a point calculating system for the bets you've made, regardless of whether you win or lose. For more information see Bonus Points

Thanks to the CashBack program, you always have a second chance.

Return value can be determined by the following table:

30.00 USD - 49.99 USD 500 points
50.00 USD - 69.99 USD 1,000 points
70.00 USD - 99.99 USD 2,000 points
100.00 USD - 149.99 USD 5,000 points
150.00 USD - 299.99 USD 10,000 points
300.00 USD - 599.99 USD 20,000 points
600.00 USD - 1,999.99 USD 50,000 points
2,000.00 USD - 9,999.99 USD 100,000 points