Terms and Conditions of Festive Relay

On the occasion of Birthday of Play Fortuna casino online, we have prepared a number of gambling competitions with the amazing trophies! Take part and become a champion after going through the following stages:

  1. Tournament "100-meters Race" - will be held from 4 April to 8 April, prize fund is 2 000 000 points.
  2. Action "You need a Goal" - participants will receive free spins in slot machine “Football Star”. Action will take place on 8 April.
  3. Action "Three-Pointer Shot" - free spins in slot machine “Basketball Star” waits for everyone who comes to the playground on 9 April and will show a cool game.
  4. Action "Overhead Serve" - prize free spins in game “Bikini Party” will go to those who will make a deposit at the casino on 10 April.
  5. Tournament "Wrestling" - after good training in the actions with the free spins, you will be able to show all your potential in the tournament with 3 000 000 points. The event starts on 11 April and will last until 15 April.

But wait, There’s more!

Selfie Marathon

Is it possible to get Iphone 6S 64GB for selfie? Yes, it is! From 4 April to 15 April you have the opportunity to get the desired gadget for only one photo! So, do not put aside your racing equipment and clothing. Take a photo camera and follow the rules of the competition:

  • • Make a banner with the inscription "Festive Relay Play Fortuna".
  • • Inscription on the banner should be legible.
  • • You can use a color or black-and-white version of the banner.
  • • Use your imagination! An obligatory condition of the competition is to have the sports memorabilia on the photos.
  • • Send your works to our email address: [email protected] with the letter subject: "Festive Relay Play Fortuna".
  • • We will choose the most creative photo and announce the winner.
  • • Ceremony of awarding the winners will be held on 15 April.

Doping in festive relay is permitted!

Super Power

From 4 April to 10 April, you can become the owner of the super power and super bonuses for the following deposits:

  • • from 10.00 USD to 49.99 USD - you will get 20% of a bonus;
  • • from 50.00 USD to 99.99 USD - you will get 30% of a bonus;
  • • from 100.00 USD to 299.99 USD - you will get 40% of a bonus;
  • • from 300.00 USD or more - you will get 50% of a bonus.

To participate in action, you need to make a deposit from $10 or more.

Wager: for regular players - x45, for Silver status - x40, for Gold status - x35, for VIP status - x35, for Platinum status - x30.

So, are you ready to get the better of Superman?

Protein Cash Back

Even the gambling athlete extremely needs not only exercises, but also food, so taste our protein Cash Back! Making the following deposits from 1 April to 14 April, you will receive the increased compensation in game:

  • • 30.00 USD - 49.99 USD 750 points
  • • 50.00 USD - 69.99 USD 1500 points
  • • 70.00 USD - 99.99 USD 3000 points
  • • 100.00 USD - 149.99 USD 7500 points
  • • 150.00 USD - 299.99 USD 15,000 points
  • • 300.00 USD - 599.99 USD 30,000 points
  • • 600.00 USD - 1,999.99 USD 75,000 points
  • • 2,000.00 USD - 9,999.99 USD 150,000 points

Charges will be made on 8 April and on 15 April.

Finishing Spurt

On the occasion of Birthday of Play Fortuna casino online we extend the validity of Spring Lottery! Gear up on the finishing line and win. Sports Federation of Play Fortuna casino online will make this race even more enjoyable: Spring Lottery tickets are at a discount - $20. The discount tickets will be valid from 4 April to 15 April - do not miss a great opportunity to stock up on them!

  • • On the deposits from $20 to $199.99 (equivalent in the currency of your account) is credited 1 ticket (wheel rotation).
  • • On the deposits from $200 to $599.99 (equivalent in the currency of your account) is credited 10 + 1 ticket (wheel rotation).
  • • On a deposit from $600 (equivalent in the currency of your account) is credited 30 + 5 tickets (wheel rotation).