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Main prize – 2000 euro!

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Just make deposits from $20 (or equivalent) from March 3 to April 15 and receive from 1 to 35 tickets for each deposit.

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Terms and conditions of the lottery

  1. Lottery takes place from 03.03.16 to 15.04.16.
  2. Any player that received lottery ticket can become the participant of a lottery.
  3. To receive a lottery ticket you need to make a min deposit of $20 (or equivalent in your account currency according to the current exchange rate of the casino).
  4. A lottery ticket is equal to 1 spin "of the wheel" (one game turn) in lottery. For one ticket drawing, a player goes through 1-5 cells on a game map.
  5. For deposits from $20 to $199.99 (or equivalent) will be credited one ticket (wheel spin).

    For deposits from $200 to $599.99 (or equivalent) will be credited 10+1 ticket (wheel spin).

    For deposits from $600 (or equivalent) will be credited 30+5 tickets (wheel spin).

  6. To withdraw the funds received by using the lottery tickets you need to place the amount of bets which is 5 times higher than the amount of your deposit for which you have got your lottery tickets, starting the game from the first turn on a map.
  7. Free spins obtained in lottery are credited within an hour.
  8. Points obtained in lottery are credited automatically.
  9. Main cash prize is credited within an hour.
  10. After a player passed the 50th cell on the playing field, he is guaranteed to take part in a draw for the main prize. It is not necessarily to hit strictly the 50th (the last) cell of the playing field.
  11. Under the drawing of the main prize is understood as a special stage in the lottery, in which a player is guaranteed to win one of 5 main prizes (2000, 1000, 500, 250 or 125 euros).
  12. After the main prize is won, a player moves to the starting point of the playing field. All unused game tickets remain with a player.
  13. Consent to receive the prize when falls one of the prize cell, means that the player receives a prize and his/her avatar is moved to the beginning of the game map.
  14. On the playing field located cell-traps, hitting which, a player moves to the starting point of the playing field without receiving any prizes.
  15. A player can go through game map repeatedly as well as participate in the prizes draw.
  16. Casino’s Administration reserves the right to cancel all tickets or the received prize in the player's lottery at its own discretion.