Each participant of the tournament receives points for betting in tournament games. A list of games in which bets count towards the tournament, can be viewed by clicking the link "Participating games" on the page with tournaments. Number of points earned, determines the player's position in the standings. The more points, the higher your position. For every $0.01 bet, the player receives points depending on his/her status at the time of the bet (Detailed information on the calculation of points for bets made in games is presented at https://playfortuna.com/points). In case, you are not playing on the dollar account, the amount of your bet will be converted at the casino exchange rate.

Please note, that changes in ranking table are made with a delay of up to 1 minute.

All wins in the tournament are credited to the player's account in the form of points that can be redeemed for real money, in accordance with exchange points rules. Crediting of winnings is made not later than the day following the day of the tournament.

Types of tournaments

Play Fortuna casino online presents two types of tournaments: fixed and roll-up.

Fixed - in this type of a tournament prize fund is permanent, and is formed by the casino. No registration needed in fixed type of the tournament. In order to participate you have to make real money bets in tournament games.

Roll-up - prize pool of this type of a tournament consists of a fixed and accumulative part. Fixed part is formed by the casino. Roll-up part accumulates by the tournament participants. All participants of the real money games of this type of a tournament, have their points credited not to their bonus account, but to the total prize pool. Points accrual rules for the prize pool match your status. Registration is required to enter the roll-up tournament.