"Throw the Bones" loterry

Never calcium was so useful!

The dark streets of Play Fortuna hide $10 000. It is the main prize fund of the lottery "Throw the Bones". Take the torch and tranquillizers, because the way will not be easy. Make deposits of $20 and get lottery tickets, score the top of the leaderboard and win cash prizes worth $2 500. In addition, top-3 finalists will receive a special chests with the artifacts inside! The lottery "Throw the Bones" will last from October 30 to November 30.
We are waiting for you among the top-50 finalists!
Get your butt in gear and throw the bones!

Terms and conditions of the lottery

1. Lottery starts from 30/10/17 12:30 until 30/11/17 12:30 (UTC).
2. Lottery tickets charging stops 28/11/17 9:00 (UTC). All the players can play back the remained tickets from 28/11/17 9:00 (UTC) until 30/11/17 12:30 (UTC).
3. Identifying and rewarding the winners will be held 1/12/17 12:30 (UTC).
4. Any player who has received a lottery ticket can participate.
5. To obtain a lottery ticket you need to make a deposit of $20 at least (or the currency equivalent of your account at the current cash exchange rate).
6. For deposits of $20 or more (the equivalent in your currency) your account will be credited with 1 ticket (spinning wheel). Each additional ticket can be obtained for a deposit of $20, the deposit balance will get burned. For example, for a deposit of $90, the player receives 4 tickets, $10 will get burned.
7. The lottery ticket stands for 1 rotation in the lottery. The player moves on the game map for 1-5 cells in a result of a lottery ticket ruffle.
8. There are 3 different types of cells on the playing field:

Points Cell.
Each cell corresponds to the number of points shown on it: 5 | 10 | 15 | 25 | 40 | 50 | 75 | 100 | 150. Reaching it, the player is given a choice: pick up points (the higher the score, the higher in the standings) and return to the beginning of the game, or continue rotating the "game wheel" and the move on the playing field.

Failure Cell.
Reaching it, the player returns to the beginning of the playing field, while all points at this stage are burned. IMPORTANT: Points, that have been credited previously on the scoreboard - fireproof. By reaching the Failure Cell, the player does not receive points, but the position on the playing field remains unchanged.

Pause  cell.
Reaching it, the player does not receive points, but the position remains unchanged on the playing field.

9. Scoreboard is a list of players according to the number of points, from largest to smallest.
10. The player is guaranteed to participate in the Super-game after reaching the 40th cell on the playing field. It is not required to come across the 40th (last) cell of the playing field.
11. Super-game - is a special stage in the lottery, in which the player is guaranteed to win one of 5 prizes (150 200 400 800 1500 points). Points are added together and sent to the scoreboard.
12. After the Super-game the player moves to the top of the playing field. All unused game tickets are saved.
13. The player has the ability to play the game card many times. 
14. Lottery prize fund:

Rank Prize
1 2500$ + special present from Play Fortuna
2 1500$ + special present from Play Fortuna
3 1000$ + special present from Play Fortuna
4 600$
5 400$
6 300$
7-9 250$
10-13 200$
14-18 150$
19-22 100$
23-27 75$
28-31 50$
32-40 25$
41-50 20$

15. Casino administration reserves the right to cancel all tickets, and remove the player from the tournament table.