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game features
  • Jackpot - No
  • Bonus - Yes
  • Language - English
  • Type — 3 in a row
  • Maximum payout — 0,5 stakes
  • Autoplay— Yes
  • Minimum bet — 0,10
  • Maximum bet — 50

When you load this game, you feel like a character from the Russian fairy tale, who shot a bow, went to search for this bow and came unexpectedly to a lily pond with a funny frog-princess. Our green frog from the slot doesn't have a crown, but she may bring bigger thrills than the character from a fabulous story. Have a rest from standard slots, roulettes and table games, play this original gambling game!

How does Bubble Bonanza look like?

Bubble Bonanza is designed in a next way: in the bottom-left corner, you will see a smiling frog sitting on the mound. She looks on you busily and catches fireflies. Upper, you will see the View Pays button which opens the table of payouts and more rules.

Rightward, it is located a playing area which looks like a board with 6X6 sections and bubbles in it. The bubble may reveal squares, polygons, triangles, circles, stars and half-moons. All these figures have different colors. Underneath, there is a panel of controls with the following buttons:

  • «Credits» — your account;
  • «Stake» — the size of the stake- 0,1-50;
  • «Play» — the start of the game;
  • «Win» — your payouts.

The gameplay in Bubble Bonanza

The players may select the value of the bet by means of + and - (see "Stake"). When you have placed the bet, press Play. After that, you will see how bubbles fill the playing area. To win, you need to match 3 and more identical icons next to each other horizontally or vertically.

Playing Bubble Bonanza online, you may experience a full-natured fun, especially, when you are lucky to get a lot of winning spins. Look which multipliers our frog has prepared for you in this light-hearted game:

online lottery Bubble Bonanza

  • A red square» — 0,5;
  • «An orange ball» — 0,4;
  • «A yellow circle» — 0,3;
  • «A green triangle» — 0,2;
  • «A blue star» — 0,1;
  • «A violet half-moon» — 0,1;

When symbols are matched up, they disappear and you get the new ones. As soon as one of them reaches the edge, the game is finished. There is also a Cannon bonus which makes unlucky spins more profitable.

You'll fire a cannon at 8 symbols to get more matches. If you are fortunate to make a combination, you will receive a reward tenfold bigger. Once again, the bonus ends, when one of the balls touches the borders.