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game features
  • Pleasing design
  • Interesting plot
  • None jackpot
  • None bonuses
  • Minimum bet – 50 cents
  • Maximum bet – 10 USD
  • 9 winning places, which have their own coefficient
  • 2 modes of game – demo and full

Rules of Crypt Crusade

At times in order to get something that you want, you need to go over millions of obstacles. In this game you should travel across the desert by the feet and make all dreams come true – to become the owner of countless treasures. Your adventure will be full of dangers, so it is not easy to get to the chest. The sandy bogs will try to lead you astray, but if you set yourself an aim and achieve it by all possible or impossible means, you will surely succeed. Be sure in your success and you will definitely win!

Lottery Crypt Crusade

Gameplay in Crypt Crusade

The task of the lottery is to become a brave traveller who has everything to cross desert territories. Before the start of the game you should press the button “New game” (find it beneath the screen). After that, you get certain time for the mission performance. You have 8 days behind and the special wheel defines the number of moves which your player makes. Click on it or press the button “Spin” for the start and your journey will begin. During this adventure, you can face with the next places:

  •  Steady Paths
  •  Quicksand (if the player stops here, it sucks him down and the game is over)
  •  Golden chests – automatically ensure a win, multiplying the size of the bet by a certain coefficient

Altogether there are 9 multipliers in Crypt Crusade:

play online Crypt Crusade

  • X2;
  • X3;
  • X5;
  • X7;
  • X15;
  • X40;
  • X1000;
  • X10000;
  • X25000.

Therefore, your success depends on the luck. All that remains is to add that you can play for real money (full mode) and for virtual chips (demo). The lottery Crypt Crusade is considered as one of the most profitable games. In the span of several seconds, you can transform 10 USD in the quarter of million. And most importantly, you shouldn’t take any pains. It is time to act and change your life for the better.