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game features
  • Type: Darts
  • Min Bet: 0.1
  • Max bet:10
  • Min win: x0.5
  • Max win: x1000
  • Bonus: No
  • Jackpot: Yes

Darts game - hit the bull's-eye and win the jackpot!

Do you like playing darts? Then you should play Darts 180. Here you can throw dart and being paid for this. However, this test is not for accuracy, but for luck, because you do not need to aim, and darts will hit the target randomly. All the results are predetermined by the random number generator.

Bets and Payouts

Before you start throwing, we suggest you to place bets. To do this, use the up and down arrows in the "Select" field and choose the most comfortable bets - from 0.10 to 10 coins.

Once you have set your bet, you can click the central green arrow, which allows you to make a spin - run three darts. Your payments will be made according to the total number of points you will collect:

  • 40 - x0.5;
  • 60 - x1;
  • 70 - x2;
  • 80 - x3;
  • 100 - x5;
  • 120 - x10;
  • 150 - x50;
  • 170 - х500;
  • 180 - x1000;

Score 180 points and hit the jackpot.

How to calculate the points? There are numbers - from 1 to 20, which are arranged in a chaotic order. These are the points that you will receive when the dart hits the appropriate sector.

Darts interface

The target is located on a bright red background, and a large green button immediately attracts your attention, so you can easily start the game. At the same time, the following fields can help you:

  • Total - is a table with 10 lines, where the results of the spins will be recorded, namely the balance and the percentage of payments by which the rate was multiplied;
  • Three fields with darts under the target - the results are recorded here. So, you can see how many points each of the three darts brings to you;
  • General - a field with a common score, which is obtained by summing up the scores for all three throws;
  • Wins - total amount of your winnings. It is obtained by multiplying the bet and the winning coefficient.

It is worth noting, that you can turn on/off the sound or change the volume, set high or low quality of the game. Just open the Settings menu. For more information, open the "Info" tab.

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Play Fortuna casino invites you to throw darts. You can do this for free (Demo) or for money. In any case, you can place bets, throw darts, hit the bulls-eye and collect an excellent amount of points, which will bring you a payment. Score 180 points and hit the jackpot!