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game features
  • - Slot interface – classics
  • - 11 winning combinations
  • - No jackpot
  • - No bonuses
  • - Demo game
  • - Number oflines – 1

Double Bonus Poker is a type of video poker. The goal is to collect one of the winning combinations, described in the table of payments. Everything is easy to understand: 52 crads, shouffling of which is made in each round as wel as you can change any number of cards during one spin. But still this slot has certain peculiarity: there are three “4 of a kind” combinations and their payment can exceed even Straight Flush. Although, it can not be ahead of Royal Flush, but such opportunity creates bigger strategic solutions.

Видеопокер Double Bonus Poker

Features of Double Bonus Poker

    • - Minimum bet – 1 coin/ 25 cents
    • - Maximum bet – 5 coins/25 dollars
    • - Maximum winning – Royal Flush (4000 coins)

How to start online game?

онлайн Видеопокер Double Bonus Poker


You can start playing either for free or for money. The rules are standard – get special winning combinantion. For this matter, computer deals 5 cards which you can change for free if you wish. If one of the combination coincided, you can double your reward with a risk game. Choose the card that has nominal higher than the card offered by the slot.

Double Bonus Poker онлайн Видеопокер