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game features
  • - Number of decks – 8 with 52 cards
  • - Minimum bet - 1 USD
  • - Maximum bet- 200 USD
  • - Solid payouts
  • - Intuitive interface
  • - Insurance – None
  • - Double – doubles your bet
  • - Surrender – None

More varieties and more opportunities

Blackjack online is a popular type of the games which it is possible to find in internet casinos. There are lots of kinds of this gambling entertainment as such casinos have a goal to satisfy the needs of their clients. It is clear that one form of the game is not enough for a fanciful gamer.

So, Double BJ card game differs from other games by the fact that the player sees two cards of the dealer. During the round, 8 decks are used. If you decided to play at Playfortuna, learn the rules and peculiarities of this game.

Double Exposure Blackjack play for free

Goal of the game and some strategies

The task of the player is to collect 21 points or approximate number. But you shouldn’t exceed it, as in this case, you will have a bust (you will lose).

Cards’ nominal:

  • - 2 to 10 are equivalent to their nominal
  • - jack, queen and king – 10 points
  • - ace can total 1 point or 11 (it depends on the situation in the game)

Double Exposure Blackjack online

If you get two similar cards, you may press “Split” and divide them into two playing hands. There are several bits of advice what you can and can not do in this game. To play Double Exposure Blackjack, follow the next recommendations:

  • - split your cards if you have two eights or aces
  • - don’t split tens
  • - two fives must be divided if the dealer has up to 9 points
  • - if you collect a pair (from two to seven), take one card providing that the dealer has more than 8 points

Other features in Double exposure BJ

In the left corner you have chips with the nominal amounting from 1 to 200 credits. Click on the field to place your bet. To start press “Deal” and the round will begin. To take extra card – press “Hit”. If you have enough, click on “Stand”. Your opponent will start taking cards. In case of the similar number of points, the casino wins. But if you have a blackjack, you will take your reward.

play online Double Exposure Blackjack

“Rebet” repeats bets, made in the previous tour. “Double” doubles the bet two times. If something goes wrong, you lose both the main and extra sum. In Double Exposure BJ Gold there is no insurance and surrender. That means you can not insure your bet if you think that the dealer may have a blackjack as well as you can not give up and lose the half of your bet.

There are soft and hard card combinations in the blackjack online. Hit soft means to get cards with an ace whose nominal amounts to 11 points. If there is no ace or it has 1 point, it is called hard combination.

If you play BJ Gold at Playfortuna, you should know that the dealer hit soft 17 and stand on hard. If you have hard 9, 10 and 11 cards, you can double your bet.

We hope that these rules will be useful for you. Look through them and start playing online as soon as possible.