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game features

 - Smallish design

- Jackpot - none

- No bonus payouts

- Picturesque landscapes

- Dynamic animation

- Bet amount from 0.5 to 10 USD

- 8 winning combinations

- Two modes – demo and full

Terms of the lottery Dragons Fortune

Developed by a well-known company Microgaming, Dragons Fortune is a lottery in the course of which the player should travel to the East in order to get a great amount of winnings. The luck will broadly depend on whether you are able to warm up a Chinese dragon who is an idol in the Eastern territories. Belching flames to the gong, he throws different balls with hieroglyphs which are mixed in the certain order.

How to play Dragons Fortune

Despite the type of the mode – full or demo, the game starts with betting by means of “+” and “-” buttons. The size of the bet may amount to:

0,5 USD

1,0 USD

2,0 USD

3,0 USD

4,0 USD

5,0 USD

6,0 USD

7,0 USD

8,0 USD

9,0 USD

10,0 USD

Lottery Dragons Fortune

When you have placed your bet, press the “Play” button. After that the dragon will throw the balls with hieroglyphs (6 in each round). If you get two similar hieroglyphs, this means you win (the sum depends on the hieroglyph value). Altogether there are 8 winning coefficients:









Play online Dragons Fortune

Therefore, having bet only 3 USD, you can get winnings amounting to 60000 USD. Notably, that everyone can win here – both newcomers and professionals as nothing depends on you. The most important thing is to have luck. In any case – try to play “Dragon Fortune” – even its name promises the success.