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game features
  • Type: Blackjack
  • 1 deck - 52
  • No Joker
  • No wild symbol
  • 2 extra cards

No one will argue the fact that any real devotee of excitement, risk and profitable gains will never refuse to play in the most gambling city of the world - Las Vegas. And this is not surprising: its incredibly addictive atmosphere of thrills, adrenaline, amazing prizes and the most unimaginable jackpot attracts thousands of gamblers around the world. Successful gamblers are willing to leave lots of cash just, hoping to feel the sweet taste of victories and receive colossal wins in the most advanced casinos of the planet!

European Blackjack Gold invites you to experience similar thrills. So prepare to check your fortunes and win oh-so-big payouts in the result.

Let's win at European Blackjack Gold!

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The main tool of the game are cards, of course. Before the beginning of the game, you should understand that this slot features the same rules relating to the European type of blackjack. The game involves decks of cards that do not include jokers. Of course, there is a choice between the number of playable boxes in this variety of blackjack. You are given the opportunity to play using a single box, but you can also start the game with five of them. When you bet, you activate the game, in fact. In this case, the player has to realize that 1 coin is approximately equal to a minimum stake. By the way, you can easily pick the bet of 200 credits, imagining yourself in Vegas and sitting in the most beautiful and luxurious casino! However, after placing the maximum bet, be prepared for the fact that the game will invite the dealer then. He quickly deals cards, giving two for the player, and two - for himself. Since one card is played, gamblers may pick another card! In this case, the gamer has other options, for example, he can stop the game and does not take the offered card. The dealer takes it away and continues the game.

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In this case, 21 points won't be considered a blackjack anymore. But according to the rules, you may double if you have the next points: 9, 10, 11.

It is obvious that this type of blackjack is enjoyable for all fans of truly hazardous and amazing game, because it is one of the symbols of the gambling world. It promises the player huge winnings and the most attractive prizes if he has enough fortunes. Dive into the ocean of thrills and wins together with European Blackjack Gold game!