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game features


- jackpot – none

- pleasant music background

- picturesque landscapes

- bonuses – no

- menu language – English

- minimum bet amount – 0,5USD

- maximum bet amount – 10USD

- 6 winning combinations

- game modes- free and for money

Rules of Freezing Fuzzballs game

Probably, everyone dreams to visit the snowy kingdom and return with bags full of golden coins and treasures. Now this is real! Freezing Fuzzballs lotto offers each person see the snowy landscape in order to find different animals who will be happy to give their ownings to the player. The size of the reward for your pains will depend on the found creature as they can be either rich or poor like in real life.

play online Freezing Fuzzballs

Game success in Freezing Fuzzballs lotto

The task of the Freezing Fuzzballs game is to find three far north inhabitants of one species in 9 pieces of ice. To start press “New Card”, after which you will see icy cubes where the animals are hidden. In order to find out who is there, click on the piece of ice or press “Reveal all” – in this case, all beasties will be defrosted. Choose the mode that you want. Besides, each animal has its own multiplier, which is a winning coefficient:

  • penguin – X2;
  • fish – X3;
  • walrus – X5;
  • beaver – X12;
  • polar bear – X100;
  • snowman – X2500.

The win (see “Win” section) will be accrued in case if you will find 3 images of the mentioned besties during the round. The size of the reward will correspond to the multiplier attached to the animal:

  • 0,5 USD
  • 1 USD
  • 2 USD
  • 3 USD
  • 4 USD
  • 5 USD
  • 6 USD
  • 7 USD
  • 8 USD
  • 9 USD
  • 10 USD

Lottery Freezing Fuzzballs

At first sight, it seems that it is difficult to get success in Freezing Fuzzballs lotto, but it is not true. You can convince in its ease by loading it and playing online.