Today's Winners

game features

 - interface language – English

- thematic design

- jackpot – none

- bonuses – none

- realistic atmosphere

- minimum/maximum bet amount – 0,5/10 USD

- demo and full modes

- number of winning combinations – 12

- extra game

Tasks of the Game Set and Scratch slot

Game Set and Scratch lottery gives a ticket to the tennis tournament where all world sport masters contest for various titles and goblets and you also have a chance to take advantage from such event. Sportsmen and judge will be happy to share lots of coins with the most attentive gamers who know all tennis players and are great in its rules. Make a small payment as there are a lot of people who also wish to show their abilities and skills in tennis and each one desires to get a prize in money equivalent, the size of which depends on the luck.

play online Game Set And Scratch

Rules of Game Set and Scratch lottery

The task of the game is find 3 similar tennis players at the tennis court. To start choose the mode of the game – for free or for money and place your bet. That is all, you can start playing, clicking on “New card”. After that, you will see concealed faces of the tennis players which you should open – click on each of them or press “Reveal all” button. If one and the same player appears in 3 blocks, that means you win and the reward depends on the concrete winning coefficient:

  • X10 000;
  • X5 000;
  • X2 500;
  • X1 000;
  • X100;
  • X50;
  • X20;
  • X10;
  • X5;
  • X3;
  • X2;
  • X1.

lottery Game Set And Scratch

But it is more to come. Game Set and Scratch has an extra game. At the right part of the slot, there is a tennis contest. If the ball touches the court land, you will get additional money and, in this case, your win is calculated randomly (click to Reveal prize). Therefore, it is not difficult to win in Game Set and Scratch. Only having 10 dollars, you have a chance to transform them into 100000$! Still thinking that it is not real? Day to day the casino users prove otherwise.