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game features


- menu language – English

- bonuses – none

- number of cards – 9

- jackpot – none

- attractive design

- 6 winning combinations

- minimum amount of bet – 0,5$

- maximum amount of bet – 10$

- demo mode

Rules of Granny Prix lottery

Granny Prix lottery offers to join entertainment show where lots of mad and energetic grannies drive racing cars over the green meadows. Everyone will have a great time here and besides, you can win money while keeping an eye on this event in order not to miss when one of the grannies will win three rides. It is not difficult to do and your reward will explicitly depend on how generously you will estimate this party. If you play Granny Prix lotto for the first time, use demo mode with virtual chips where you can try your luck without any risk.

Granny Prix online lotto

For a start, place a bet by means “+” and “-” and press “New Card”, after which there will be 9 automatic rides with a certain winner in each. Herewith you will see 9 cards with a concealed photo of the winner. Just scratch the covering using two following means:

  • - click on each box
  • - press “Reveal all”

play online lottery Granny Prix

You need three similar pictures of grannies to get the win. Each of the old ladies has its own winning coefficient which looks as follows:

  • - granny in red helmet – X2
  • - granny in green helmet – X3
  • - grandmother in blue helmet – X5
  • - old lady in violet helmet – X12
  • - racer in yellow helmet – X100
  • - granny in orange helmet – X2500

Your win is estimated according to the sum of the bet multiplied by the coefficient. It is necessary to mention that all winning combinations appear quite often. It is not uncommon when a beginner bets only two dollars and gets thousands of dollars in several rounds. Therein lies the beauty of Granny Prix lotto – quick, profitable and secure game.