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game features
  • Game type - video poker
  • Number of cards - 52
  • Min Bet - $1
  • Max Bet - $100
  • Max Payout - x4000
  • Gamble - Yes
  • Change - Yes
  • Winning combinations - 9
  • Jackpot - No
  • Autoplay - No

Video poker Jacks or Better MH

Jacks or Better MH online is like an advert of some attractive offer, where уou encounter highly peculiar benefits. Why do you need to wait when you receive an invitation to play using standard rules and better results. Play Fortuna Casino kindly proves that you won’t find such poker in real life, even if you appreciate playing in a big company of friends or opponents. But video poker is more interesting when it comes to winning in the shortest time.

play Jacks or Better MH for free

Starting to play Jacks or Better for free, you will be able to test and learn about the game in more details, feeling all its power. Press Help to find more information on symbols and stakes. There is also another button which allows to wager coins and set the minimum or maximum stake per round.

Video poker is different from other slots by the absence of lines and reels, but still it has something interesting.

Collect Royal Flush

Jacks or Better MH slot

Let’s start from the pleasant news: the maximum payout amounts to x4000. The game also has 5 decks of cards which offer bigger payouts for you. Imagine how much can you win, if the fortune is on your side today? 5 decks, each having a prize of 4000 coins… Gosh, it is amazing. To win this sum, you should be lucky to collect Royal Flush. As we mentioned before, Jacks or Better involves five decks: one major deck defining the pattern of the game and four secondary packs. If you mark the cards, they also appear in all other decks.

Jacks or Better MH video poker

So, the game starts as follows: you press Deal and the round begins. Then you may click those cards which you wish to change and click on Draw. If you have a winning combination in the first hand, it is immediately noted as "held". You don’t need to pick unlucky combinations again.

The game boasts various winning hands starting with jacks and ending with Royal Flush. Though having small payouts, Jacks are still a lucky choice for you. Saving them in a combination, you give yourself more opportunities in winning the best hand.