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game features
  • - Reels - 5
  • - Lines - No
  • - Wild Symbol - No
  • - Scatter- No
  • - Bonus Game - Yes
  • - Free Spins - No
  • - Gamble - No
  • - Number of Coins – 10
  • - Min. Bet – 0.10
  • - Max. Bet – 20.00
  • - Returns – 97%

Slot Max Damage and the Alien Attack

Can you imagine a slot without paylines? Is a legendary video game similar to slots? It seems that answers to these questions can be only negative. But Microgaming breaks the stereotypes again and produces Max Damage and the Alien Attack slot in the genre of Arcade. Here you will become a direct participant in cosmic battles, where a famous supervillain Max Damage decided to become a real hero and save the Earth from alien guests.

Rules of Max Damage and the Alien Attack

slot machine Max Damage and the Alien Attack

Surely, you will appreciate this original slot machine at online casino Play Fortuna. Despite that its rules differ from the rules in other slots, you will quickly get hand in the game. First of all, pay attention to the next features of Max Damage and the Alien Attack:

  • Here you will steer the space vehicle. Your goal is to attack maximum alien villains who step on the Earth.
  • You can destroy the space ship by two means - attack by a laser or run on it.

The game consists of 9 levels which you will pass step by step. To go through levels 3 and 6 as well as win the level 9, you need to kill the Boss. It is more persistent than other vessels but brings a lot of payouts.

  • With each level, you will see new species of space ships that have stronger ammunition. To defeat them, you need 6 lives, a Shield and Health.
  • The screen have the Top Scores Leader section. Here you will see the best players of this round.

slot Max Damage and the Alien Attack

Taking into account this information, you will quickly understand how to play this game. Plus, you will be able to take part in cosmic shootings, using buttons on the game board:

  • Coin - 10 coins per spin. You can't change this value.
  • Change - select the coin size of 0.01-2 USD with + and - buttons.
  • Bet - your total stake per spin.
  • Auto Fire - auto shootings (spins).
  • Level - your current level of the game.
  • Total Win - your total wins (multipliers) received for destroyed objects.
  • View Pays - the table of payouts with all rules.

To play Max Damage slot, you need to use arrows - up, down, left and right on the keyboard. You can make single shots using SPACE.

Bonuses of Max Damage and the Alien Attack

online slot Max Damage and the Alien Attack

During your cosmic adventures, you can reach highest levels with bonuses of the slot:

  • Life - 6 levels + one more life
  • Health - the level of your health
  • Shield - stand against alien attacks
  • Damage Booster - increase the power of bombs which you shoot out into the ships
  • Weapon Upgrade - increase the number of bombs

play Max Damage and the Alien Attack for free

During the whole game, you collect flaming icons -Freebies. They allow to increase fire features of your vessel for 5 seconds as well as bring other bonuses.

Which payouts can you get?

play slot Max Damage and the Alien Attack

Apart from the absence of pay lines, the slot doesn't have symbols. Consequently, you will receive coins for destroyed ships. The highest win of 110 000 coins is available in the levels 3, 6, and 9 as a reward for Boss liquidation.

Arcade slot at Playfortuna

play online Max Damage and the Alien Attack

Do you wish to forget about standard reels and symbols? It is more than real at Playfortuna! Play Max Damage and the Alien Attack slot for money or for free and enjoy these cosmic battle and great wins!

slot Max Damage and the Alien Attack