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game features
  • Game type - lottery
  • Min rate - 0.10
  • Max rate - 10
  • Max payment - x10000
  • Quick choice option - yes
  • Auto-run - yes
  • Language - English

Monkey Keno

Are you bored with the slot machines and roulettes? Poker is not for you and you don't want to learn the blackjack combinations? You have to try something new! In this case, Monkey Keno would be a great option to spend your time in the interesting and profitable way.

Ancient entertainment

The game of Keno has come to us from the antiquity. Keno is one of the first gambling entertainment. It is assumed, that the prototype of the modern Keno had appeared in ancient China BC.

The name of the game comes from the french word 'Quine', which means the sequence of five winning numbers. Despite the fact, that the game has appeared in the East long time ago, Europe could enjoy this lottery only in the XIX century. Today it is the most popular lottery, which has many fans around the world.

With the development of online gambling business, this game began to appear in many online casinos. The Microgaming company do not want to stand behind and now they are offering you to play for money or to check a demo version of its new product, called Monkey Keno.

Beautiful graphics, bright colors and funny monkeys will entertain you throughout the game. You won't get bored definitely. Generous payments will please everyone.

The game begins!

Eighty numbers are sequentially arranged into eight lines. Liana, palm trees, tropical sun and crazy monkeys will help you to spend a wonderful vacation. All you have to do is to choose the bet and mark fifteen numbers by clicking. A swarm of monkeys jumps into the pile of coconuts and begins to scatter them on the playing field. If the coconut lands on the selected number, this number will bet aprize. Only twenty coconuts will be thrown. Then the matched numbers will be counted once again and winners will get the payments.

Betting range starts from 0.10 up to 10 credits, which depends on the amount of payment. So, the maximum payout ratio is x10000.

If you do not want to choose the cells by yourself, you can do it by using the 'Quick Pick' key, where fifteen numbers will be randomly selected. In addition, you can use the automatic mode to play for real money with monkeys. In this case, the player must set the number of rounds to be played automatically, and then the game begins. Please, note, that all bets you make will be at the same rate.

Free game

Many of players may not know about the lottery games, so Monkey Keno offers a full trial version. With its help, each player will be able to play online for free, get familiar with advantages of the game, its functionality and payments. Then you can make a deposit and enjoy a solid winning, which is able to please even the most experienced player.