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game features


- menu language – English

- jackpot – none

- bright and colourful design

- bonuses – none

- thematic music background

- classic bets – from 0,5 to 10$

- 12 winning combinations

- free and full modes

Peculiarities of Plunder the Sea game

In Plunder the Sea, the gamblers have to plunge under the sea in order to find treasures with uncountable money sums among algae and sunken vessels. It is not an easy task, but if you explore thoroughly large lengths of seas, you won’t have difficulties anymore. Marine waters hold lots of fish which have a certain value. You can try to find treasures on your own, but it is better to use the help of the sea inhabitants which will happily share the necessary information. But, first, try to catch them. Such realistic atmosphere allows to feel deep all ins and outs of scuba diving and the precious gifts will become an extra goad for you.

Lottery Plunder The Sea

How to win in Plunder the Sea?

Each of the rounds of Plunder the Sea divides into 2 different games with one bet. Well,

  • initially, you should place certain money amount, using the «+», «-» buttons.
  • next – load the lottery, clicking on “New Card” and you will see 6 small bubbles and the big one (the second game).
  • click on the ball to pop it or press “Reveal all” (then the bubbles will blow automatically one by one).
  • in the first game you should find three sea inhabitants of one species under the bubbles. All such creatures have a corresponding winning coefficient:
    • asteroid – X1
    • shrimp – X2
    • slope – X3
    • octopus – X5
    • turtle – X10
    • sea snake – X20
    • eel – X50
    • piranha – X100
    • walrus – X1000
    • shark – X2500
    • goldfish – X5000
    • whale – X10000
  • - the second game offers you to open the chest where a little fish may hide. In such situation, the player gets a money reward, according to the payout table. If he finds its skeleton – the game is over.

play online Plunder The Sea

You can play Plunder the Sea for real money and for free chips in demo mode. However, don’t abuse it, as you can lose a passion for the game quickly and you will feel hurt if you find three whales or goldfish and get only virtual chips.