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game features
  • menu language – English
  • bonus calculations – none
  • jackpot – none
  • colourful design
  • thematic music background
  • min amount of bet – 0,5$
  • max amount of bet – 100$
  • demo mode
  • number of horses – 8

Peculiarities of Premier Trotting game

Premier Trotting – is another amusement machine which allows to get to the race track, without leaving your home. Thanks to the realistic patter of hoofs, bright animation and voices from stands you will plunge into the virtual world of horse races where everyone can hit a jackpot, having bet on the outsider of the future race. You get unforgettable emotions when your favorite comes first. The adrenaline runs high and after several minutes you may become an owner of the precious coins. Now, let’s look the major characteristics and game features in more details.

lottery Premier Trotting races

Online races in Premier Trotting

Before start playing you should decide which mode to choose – either full or free. In the first case, the game is made with real money and real prizes and in the second one you use virtual chips. When the lotto is loaded, place a bet. You can bet either on the win of the horse or whether it comes in the first trio. Click on special buttons - «+», «-» located near each horse.

play Premier Trotting online

You make your bets and start the racing by pressing “Race now”. It lasts only several minutes, but you can skip it if you click on “Skip Race”. In the end, you will see the results in the special table. If your bet wins, the screen will show you the size of the reward which is calculated by multiplying the bet by a winning coefficient (it is formed in the random order).

online lottery Premier Trotting