Today's Winners

game features


- interface language – English

- unique design

- colorful animation

- bonuses – none

- jackpot

- two game modes – demo and full

- minimum amount of bet – 0.5$

- maximum amount of bet – 10$

- number of winning boxes – 8

How to play Six Shooter Looter Gold

Owing to the unforgettable atmosphere, wide territories of Wild West and other interesting features, this game will be a great company for every player. You will become a goopy cowboy to prove each and everyone that you are able to overcome any obstacle. In the end, you may fill your pockets with lots of golden coins. The path is long, but it is a worthy journey. If you do your best, the sum of your reward will exceed all expectations. However, it is not all that simple – you will face with various obstacles and deathful dangers. In any case, don’t despair – some special surprises will please you from time to time. Everything depends on your luck.

Peculiarities of Six Shooter Looter Gold

Lottery Six Shooter Looter Gold

The key point of the game is to overcome a thorny way to the gold mine, multiplying the sum of the bet by 25 thousand times. Before the journey, place the following bets:

  • 0,5$;
  • 1,0$;
  • 2,0$;
  • 3,0$;
  • 4,0$;
  • 5,0$;
  • 6,0$;
  • 7,0$;
  • 8,0$;
  • 9,0$;
  • 10,0$.

play Six Shooter Gold online

There are two modes of game – usual or turbo. In the first format – the animation goes smoothly and in the second one – jerkily. To start the game – click on “New Game. You have only 8 days behind to meet your goal. Use special dice to generate the number of moves. The game map is divided into neutral, dangerous and lucky places. The neutral places give you nothing, the dangerous ones – stop the game and bonus boxes – present golden coins, multiplying your winning by special coefficient:

  • X2;
  • X3;
  • X5;
  • X7;
  • X15;/
  • X40;
  • X1 000;
  • X10 000.<l/i>

лотерея Six Shooter Looter Gold

If you can wade through, you may get a lot of money rewards – jackpot amounting to 25000 bets. It is not difficult to hit. The major thing is to take your chance and start playing. If you wish to train a little bit, you can warm up in demo mode, placing virtual bets. You can play for free as much as you like. Even if you are out of your demo funds, reload the page and your account will get more free coins.