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game features
  • Reels: 5
  • Lines: 20
  • Min bet: $0.20
  • Max bet: $100
  • Max payment: х10 000
  • Wild symbol: yes
  • Scatter symbol: yes
  • Free spins: no
  • Bonus-game: yes
  • Risk game: no

Vampire: The Masquerade - Las Vegas - storyline and features.

This is not a sequel to Twilight. Vampire: The Masquerade-Las Vegas slot is based on a series of table games about clans of vampires and masquerade.

If you have not heard about this series, you may think the bloodsuckers just decided to organize something like a ball in Las Vegas. In fact, the so-called Masquerade is the main rule of the series of table games about the clans of vampires: you need to act secretly, without revealing your supernatural essence. For violation of the rules you can suffer punishment, but not in this slot - here you can play without suppressing yourself!


Basic symbols and their coefficients

Bonus features are tied to the interaction of two signs: a bloodsucker and a girl acting as a "prey." These are two large images that occupy 3 positions on the reel at once. You get a reward of x20 when a vampire appears and x10 in case of an image of a girl.

3 kinds of free spins - each has its own unique feature

On the left and right side of the screen there are indicators of Blood and Mana. A certain scale is filled up at random when pictures of a vampire and a victim fall next to each other. As soon as one of the indicators is completely painted, 1 of 3 free spins is launched. A wheel with three hieroglyphs randomly defines what kind of free spins you get.

The number of free spins varies from 5 to 16, depending on how many divisions the Blood Scale is filled with. Another indicator affects the payout multiplier during rotations - it ranges from x1 to x6. Functions:

  • Dominate - the image of the girl appears on the 5 reel and is replaced by the standard wild symbols (the golden letter "W"). In this case, the victim's image is duplicated to adjacent coils up to 4 times.
  • Fortitude - from 1 to 6 random images are replaced by the wild symbols.
  • Presence - the round begins with four wild symbols, located at arbitrary positions. After each rotation, wild images move to other places.

Bonus Round Rules.

The image depicting the vampire's attack has a special role. If 3 of these images drop out simultaneously on any positions, a bonus round called Pick Me will start.

The essence of the bonus round is that you need to choose one of 5 cards. They show card suits or skulls. In the first case, you receive a monetary reward, which increases with each subsequent successful attempt. For a picture with a skull, you also get a prize (in the amount of the current bet), but it takes away 1 of 2 lives.

In total, you can make up to 6 successful attempts until the bonus round is completed. After spending all your lives, you return to the main game.

Symbols and multipliers of bloody Vegas

  • Packages with blood - x300
  • Crime scene - x250
  • Advertisement - 200
  • Camera records - x160
  • Key - x100
  • Spiral and Mask - x50

These multipliers are applied to a winning combination of 5 identical images ​​if you set the maximum value. You can learn more about the coefficients in the payout table.

Bonus bord

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Why masquerade?

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