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Cechy gry


- jackpot – none

- bonuses – none

- interface language – English

- pleasant music background

- minimum/maximum bet amount – 0,5/10 USD

- full and free mode

- number of winning coefficients – 6

Description of Hairy Fairies lottery

You can get to the world of drunk elves by two means – by drinking a lot of alcohol or by visiting Playfortuna casino and loading Hairy Fairies slot. The first way will cause a lot of problems, but the second one will allow not only to have a fine time but also to multiply your winnings. All that you should do is to peer into the flying fairies and guess who is the most generous. It seems that it is difficult to do, but actually, you can cope with it without any pains. Day to day thousands of players get a lot of rewards thanks to such “Hairy world”.

Gameplay in Hairy Fairies lotto

Lottery Hairy Fairies

Before starting the lottery game, you should choose the game mode – either free or for money. First one is suitable for those who only start exploring the vehement world of games of fortune or face with lottos for the first time. In this case, you don’t need to risk your money, but such mode doesn’t give a possibility to feel a real passion for the game and to get real rewards. If you aim to win, we recommend playing for money. In any case, the gameplay starts with the bet adjustment – place any of the following sums:

  • 50 cents
  • dollar
  • 2 dollars
  • 3 USD
  • 4$
  • 5 dollars
  • 6 USD
  • 7$
  • 8 dollars
  • 9 USD
  • 10$

To play press the “New Card” button and after that you will see 12 woozy elves, which have a certain multiplier (winning coefficient):

  • X2
  • X3
  • X5
  • X12
  • X100
  • X2500

Hairy Fairies play online

The player can choose only 9 fairies and others will disappear. The task is to find three similar multipliers, otherwise you will start the game again.