Holiday lottery

Are you ready for the socks and aftershave cream?
Enough tolerating this!
It is time to give these gifts to yourself and everyone around.
From February, 13 until March, 17 PlayFortuna casino helds "Holiday Lottery" - a place, where expensive prizes find it's owners!
It depends on you whether you get a MacBook Air or iPhone 7 256 Gb, or maybe both?
And if such gadgets do not surprise you, then 4000 USD will be an excellent consolation prize, right?

1 place: Apple MacBook Air 13" 8Gb 256Gb
2 place: Apple iPhone 7 256Gb
3 place: Apple iPhone 7 128Gb
4 place: 500$
5 place: 350$
6-7 places: 250$
8-12 places: 200$
13-17 places: 150$
18-22 places: 100$
23-30 places: 50$

Make a deposit of $20 and receive lottery tickets.
Simple conditions - easy money!
Are you still waiting?
Terms and conditions of Holiday Lottery here