Hi, May!

How to recognize the May-Day King?

It's very easy - his crown is encrusted with a fragrant shish kebab, he holds a scepter of diamond skewers in his hands and sips champagne from a golden cup, because we start the new promotion, that is called "Hi, May!" by Yggdrasil Gaming. The promotion runs from 15:00 April, 27 to 15:00 May, 4 CET. To become one of the 20 winners and share $2,000 you need:

Prize pool:

Place Prize
1 400
2 250
3 150
4-5 100
6-10 80
11-13 70
14-17 60
18-20 50

Yes, we have prepared a mountain of prizes and gifts. May holidays are the best time to win a huge jackpot! See you in the game.