Sommaren går vidare

An ice age will not come soon, so summer continues!

The Yggdrasil Gaming and we are starting the tournament, where it is always warm, hot sand, and ideal waves for surfing. The tournament, named "Sommaren går vidare" takes place in two stages in Sunny Shores game. The total prize fund is €35 000.

The first part: collect 100 Sunny Wilds from June, 29 to July, 6 to get into the leaderboard and share €30 000. At this stage, the number of winners will include the first 300 participants, who will gain a hundred wild symbols faster than everyone else.
The second part: generous gifts lottery: 500 lucky players, who have gained 100 wild symbols in the first stage, will participate in the draw. The winners of the second part will share €5 000. This ruffle will take place from July, 7 to July, 9.

Stop waiting for the moment - have fun right now! Good luck is on your side.

Terms and Conditions


The mission’s leaderboard runs between 10:00 CEST on June 29th and 23:59 CEST on July 6th Summer Mission is a network campaign, players automatically take part after completing the below objective in the slot Sunny Shores. Sunny Shores- Collect 100 Sunny Wilds. The objective has to be fulfilled accordingly in order for the mission to be completed.


— There is no additional cost to enter this tournament other than the price to spin the reels.

— All players who complete the mission for the first time will be provided with a unique player number.

— The unique player number will be highlighted for the players on the leaderboard in the game client to follow their position.

— There is no minimum bet required to participate in the promotion.

— The number of spins made to complete the mission determines the player’s position on the leaderboard. The player who completes the mission in the least number of rounds will finish at position 1 and win the 1st prize.

— If there are two or more players who complete the mission with the same number of rounds, the player completing it first will have higher position on the leaderboard.

— Player’s position is refreshed every 60 seconds.

— Bets made with bonus money do not qualify for the campaign.

— Mission progress is automatically restarted when players can no longer improve the score. The best score will always be kept.

— Mission progress can be restarted manually by the player after 25 spins. Restart button can be found in the game client.

The raffle

Players from positions 1-500 will have a chance to win one of 166 raffle prizes after the mission leaderboard is over.

Each qualified player will have 72 hours from the tournament finish, from Jul 7th 00:00 to Jul 9th 23:59CEST, to enter the RAFFLE section in the Mission window of the client in the game Sunny Shores and pick one of the chests.

After 72 hours all unclaimed prizes will be randomly distributed among qualifying players who did not pick any chest.


Leaderboard prize pool (30 000 EUR total):

Rank Prize
1 5000 EUR
2 3500 EUR
3 2000 EUR
4 1000 EUR
5 800 EUR
6 600 EUR
7 450 EUR
8 350 EUR
9 300 EUR
10 250 EUR
11-25 150 EUR
26-50 100 EUR
51-100 80 EUR
101-200 50 EUR
201-300 20 EUR


Players from positions 1-500 take part in the Pick’N’Click Raffle!

Pick’n Click Raffle chest feature will be enabled in game client for all qualifying players after the mission leaderboard is finished.

Raffle prize pool (5 000 EUR total):

Amount Prize
3 500 EUR
3 250 EUR
6 100 EUR
9 50 EUR
25 20 EUR
120 10 EUR